The Switched-on Kids program is celebrated and used by chiropractors all over Australia and the world. Read what some of them have to say.

'One not to miss'

“The Switched-on Kids seminar is one not to miss. It opens up a new world of treatment within the field of challenged children. I learned a lot and have a great new tool to help the children in my community”

Reni Klausen


“Fantastic! If you are treating kids it is a must do”

Danielle Miller

'Passionate presentation'

“An enthusiastic and passionate presentation, effectively teaching a holistic approach to helping kids with learning dysfunction”

Esyltt Graham

'Puts it all together'

“Puts all of learning and behavioural work in kids together in one weekend”

Alison Scott

'Definitely need to attend'

“Definitely need to attend if you want to adjust kids. New info that fits in our world beautifully”

Tessa Henville

'Uncomplicated learning'

“A fantastic hands-on, thorough but uncomplicated learning seminar to take to work and implement on Monday”

Jo-anne Twiggins

'A must if you adjust kids'

“Awesome seminar, packed with both theory and practical work that can be applied at 7.30 am on Monday. A must if you adjust kids…. And adults”

Brett Grant

'Upholds chiropractic principles'

“Practical seminar teaching you to asses and address neuro-behavioural problems in children, but still uphold the chiropractic principles!”

Lizette Botha

'One of the best seminars'

“Well worth doing, with useful information and techniques that can be applied to all ages as well as children. One of the best seminars I have done in 30 years. Up in the top 5!”

Amanda Fynmore

'Very rewarding'

“Very rewarding, educational and informative! Comprehensive, yet simple assessment and treatment protocols with measurable outcomes”

Andrew Harwood

'Loads of practical information'

“Informative, enthusiastic seminar with loads of practical information. Very generous lecturer!”

Stephen Hughes

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