Switched-on Kids is about optimum health and wellness in all children, from bubs to teens. However, it specifically addresses chiropractic’s ‘forgotten kids’ – the 4 – 12 year olds.

As Australia records ever increasing numbers of children struggling with learning, attention, coordination and behaviour, chiropractors tell me they are concerned about their present knowledge and skills in this area.

As a chiropractor, do you?

Find it difficult to objectively assess the function of a child’s nervous system?

Lack the tools to provide holistic support for this age group with brain stimulating exercises, nutritional considerations, emotional connections and communication strategies?
Struggle to monitor and demonstrate functional improvements following care?

Your options to learn more


In this two day seminar you’ll learn about the current epidemic in childhood neurological disorders and the most up-to-date methods in assessing, caring for and supporting these children.

Switched-on Kids Book

This is an invaluable resource for the parents in your practice, educating them about how the nervous system works and the detrimental effects of subluxations. This book inspires and motivates parents to take responsibility to do all the things that help chiropractic adjustment hold better. 

Learning Support Package

This package provides a range of practical resources for chiropractors. It includes the Switched-on Kids assessment and our exercise program for brain stimulation, both performed live, chiropractic paperwork, as well as a library of exercise photos for pamphlets.

Mentoring and Coaching

This program will feature monthly webinars discussing particular paediatric topics in depth (condition, research, clinical application etc.) as well as monthly coaching. This program will be launched 2017.

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