How to tackle the busy-ness of modern day life!

There is nothing wrong with ‘Busy’ as such. It just means we have full lives; that we choose to participate and go all in.  However, it seems that lately being insanely busy has become almost a prerequisite to fit in to our Western lifestyle.

Why we as chiropractors need to focus on research

To be relevant in our communities’ health, we as chiropractors need to demonstrate that we positively impacts lives. Only way to do this is through research.

Early screening for learning difficulties

Health professionals’ ability to diagnose learning problems, ASD and ADHD have improved significantly over the recent years and this helps the child receive the support she/he requires.

Keeping it ‘BRIEF’

I am sure you are aware of the information overload we suffer in the Western World. We know that to get our message across to people we need to be succinct and to the point. However, it is my experience that we as chiropractors tend to forget this very important knowledge when we get into our practices.

Fun ways for parents and babies to enjoy more tummy time

There is no denying tummy time is important. Our challenge as chiropractors is to empower parents to embrace this essential neurodevelopmental activity from the moment their little one is born and stick with it!

Why you need to get parents to focus on tummy time

‘What can we do to help at home?’ is a common question I hear in the practice. And to many parents’ surprise, when it comes to babies it is really simple: Focus on tummy time!

Kids & food sensitivities

I recently had a fascinating chat with our local ‘Baby Whisperer’. She started out teaching swaddling techniques and calming bedtime routines, but lately most of her time is spent counselling families on their eating habits.

The problem with colic

There is nothing more distressing to a parent (and innocent bystanders) than an inconsolable baby....